Blake and Michal’s Creekside Meadows Wedding

December 5, 2018

Blake and Michal’s Creekside Meadows Wedding was such a gorgeous wedding. Creekside Meadows is an absolute gorgeous venue in Morris, AL. It was a privilege to capture Blake and Michal’s love story! Here is a little bit about their love story in Michal’s words…

     “Blake and I met at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, where we played baseball and softball. Our paths crossed many times but we were finally set up by one of our mutual friends.

     We have so many similarities it only seemed right that we would get married. We have the same birthday, played the same position in sports, wore the same jersey number, we are both into the same hobbies and activities, even our Dad’s have the same name. All of these similarities just seemed right. The old saying “opposites attract” is not true in this relationship. When we started hanging out in May of 2014, we already seemed like best friends from the beginning because of all of the things we already had in common. It was an easy beginning to a relationship because we felt so comfortable around each other. That relationship and friendship has only grown over the past 4 years and God just really was thinking of us when he created us both.

     Blake proposed at my parents house on September 23, 2017. His family came to Samantha to “watch the Bama game and take family pictures”. I had no clue what was going on and was just playing along. This was the first time his family had been to my house and so I thought nothing of it. Blake had just flown in that morning from a work trip and so I was not thinking anything about a proposal. If I am being honest, I was a little annoyed that his parents had left to get to my parents before we had and that we were going to be, in my mind late getting there, because they had left before us. Needless to say, I was being a little bit of a turd to Blake on the way there and I am sure in the back of his mind he was heated because he knew the plan all along. I have a large family and they can be a little overwhelming at times so it is normal for Blake to want to separate himself for a minute to get some quiet. So during half time of the game, I was told I needed to change to get ready for pictures because as usual I was just in a t-shirt and I was told this was unacceptable. Blake came and found me and asked if I would walk with him for a minute because he needed some quiet. My parents live out in the middle of the woods in Samantha, AL. and so it is normal for my brothers to shoot guns and all kinds of craziness. As we were walking there was a blue dot spray painted on the ground which I assumed to be an “x marks the spot” type area for shooting or an area to shoot from. What I did not guess was it the area my sister had marked for Blake to walk to so that everyone could get their pictures. It was perfect, he got down on one knee in the place that I grew up and have so many great memories in and now I have another wonderful memory. My family was there, his family was there, his sister was hiding in the bushes taking pictures, my younger sister was hiding in the woods videoing the whole thing, my older sister and his mom were hanging out the bed room window taking pictures and I didn’t see any of this until it was all over. It couldn’t have been any more perfect having my family there to celebrate with afterwards.”

Blake and Michal’s love story is so beautiful and as you can tell they were absolutely made for one another.

We are so happy for you guys! Congratulations you two!

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Creative Team:

Videographer: Woodnote Media

Event Planner: Missy Gandy

Ceremony: Creekside Meadows

Caterer: Creekside Meadows

Florals: Deana Olinger

Hair and Makeup Artist: Coterie Salon, Tuscaloosa, AL

Wedding Dress: Bridal Bliss, Homewood, AL

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse 

Rings: De Priest Diamonds 

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