Biggest wedding regret

September 26, 2019

I’ve talked to a lot of brides about their biggest wedding regret. The answers range from small details to big investments.  Recently I talked to someone who said they regretted not hiring a professional photographer and spending a little extra to ensure that their memories would be adequately captured.  Another bride I chatted with said they regretted not hiring a wedding planner, because the process ended up not being as enjoyable as she had hoped it would be due to the stress in having to do all the planning herself.  I’ve heard a LOT of things.  But I wonder, what is YOUR biggest wedding regret?  I’ve created a form that will allow you to fill out your answer anonymously.  I want to help future brides and grooms plan, so that their planning process is amazing!  Will you help?

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My Biggest Wedding Regret


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